How It Started Edit

World War 3 began on June 18th, 2031. The Republic of China declared war on the European Union. The war was stared when the European Union made the Quality of Products standard. This prevented 95% of all imports from China to be cancelled due to poor quality. This caused the Great Economic Depression of China which occurred on January 17th of the same year. This depression caused China to declare war on the European Union, as China blamed the depression on them.

Countries Involved In WWIII Edit

African Union Edit

The African Union joined the war on July 7th, 2031. The Fought along side the European Union.

United States of America Edit

The United States joined the war on November 15th, 2031. President Tom Barrett declared that America would fight alongside the European Union. There was only one battle on American soil, but the battle caused 351,894 American deaths.

Russia Edit

Russia Joined the war on March 8th, 2032. They fought alongside the Republic of China.

South Korea Edit

South Korea joined the war on November 28th, 2032. The fought alongside the European Union.

North Korea Edit

North Korea join the war on April 5th, 2033. They fought alongside the Republic of China.

India Edit

India joined the war on December 23rd, 2033. They fought alongside the Republic of China. On October 3rd, 2034 India surrendered from the war. The Republic of China was enraged by this, and attempted to invade India.

Major Battles Edit

Battle of America Edit

This was the only battle to take place on American Grounds.

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